Divi comes with vast set of features specially built to enhance learning. It is easy and straightforward to implement the platform in your own environment. Take a look at few of the features Divi has to offer...
Supervise learning process
We realize the need for teachers to be in control of information flow and the need to keep a close watch over students in classrooms. Also, timely student assessment is essential for high-quality education. Our "TeacherRemote" and "InstaQuiz" functionalities help you run classrooms of the future.
Create your own course
Every teacher is unique in their way of teaching. We understand and respect that. We let you take control of your internal course curriculums and develop your own custom courseware. As a teacher with editing privileges, you can tailor make your own course using easy to use tools.
Learn Rich
With the use of a variety of communication mediums like video, audio, 3D models and animations in addition to images and text, lessons come alive for you.
Test your Understanding
You learn better when you receive systematic and well timed feedback.We make sure you have learnt your concepts right by assessing your understanding for each and every lesson. A repertoire of infographics will keep you informed on your progress as you go.